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What is an Executive Coach?

Todays coaches come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are marketed using an array of adjectives, such as Executive and Luxury. Having been directly involved in the coach industry for over 25 years we know that if VOSA guidelines for Safety Inspections and Manufacturer's service intervals are adhered to, and a little care and attention from the operator is thrown into the equation, then a vehicle fifteen years old should be able to offer the same level of safety, reliability and comfort as a new vehicle driven straight from the showroom. Unfortunately in the real world this is not always the case so here at Tours Designed we contract our coaches from reputable operators to a specific requirement so that our clients can rest assured that they will receive the best product and level of service available.

This is our criteria for an Executive Coach.

Some of our competitors surcharge for coaches fitted with items such as Air - Conditioning, W.C. or DVD systems.

We do not !

Please remember this when comparing quotes.

Vehicle(s) are to be under 6 years old at the time of travel

49 Reclining passenger seats

Seat belts fitted to every passenger seat

Air Conditioning   *   Auxiliary Heating

P.A. System with Microphone available for Group Leader use

CD player/music system   *   DVD audio visual system

W.C. Washroom

Vehicle tested to R66 compliance

Vehicle emmissions tested to Euro 3/4/5/6 standard (Euro 3 not acceptable after 2012)Tours Designed thumbnail photo of an executive coach

Vehicles may be sourced to meet clients specific requests that fall outside the above specification (larger vehicle with higher volume seating or prefered operator) this will only be done with supervision from our Logistics Director.

As with the majority of tour operators we contract in most of our coaching requirements, but unlike others, we also operate our own vehicles which we believe gives us an edge when it comes to understanding transport. Our coach audits ensure we contract in high quality vehicles from suppliers that in addition to safety, take in to account environmental issues relating to the maintenance and care of their coaches such as the disposal of batteries, oil and tyres. By having our own vehicles we can set standards and lead by example.

We are proud to boast that several of our competitors use us to contract coaching for their tours,

what more can we say!

Tours Designed Accreditations - IPP, ABTA, STF