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Make A Difference.

Here at Tours Designed we wanted to make a difference, actually do something that counts towards looking after our environment and help save some of our planets resources so that our children, and our children's children have a brighter future to look forward to. At first we looked at various schemes we could contribute to such as saving rain forests in places we've never heard of. We looked at measuring our Carbon Footprint but paying to offset it did not encourage actually reducing it. The internet has all sorts of logos that can be bought into, taking donations to change all sorts of issues - but none of them left us feeling that it was us actually making a difference. As a result of this we decided to look closer at our products, our business operation and ourselves and see what we could do to make a difference. Very quickly it became apparent that it was small changes, often with no effort or cost that made a difference that we could see. By building awareness into our systems and procedures, making the environment a consideration in everything we do, we have created an ethos that is able to spread beyond the perameters of our activities.

This is what we do.

Travel to and from work

We are fortunate to have our office located within a new modern business quarter to which it is a condition of occupancy that we subscribe to a car share scheme. This is for the whole complex, not just our staff. Our location is also well placed for public transport use.

Office recycling

Our first objective was to reduce the volume of unwanted items arriving at our office. It is our ongoing practice to unsubscribe from hard copy junk mail, faxes and other unwanted material that finds it's way through our letterbox. This practice has not only reduced the amount of waste needing the consideration of recycling but helps save our most valuable resource - time. If only five minutes a day is spent handling junk, over a five day week, over a fifty week year, we free up over twenty hours that can be much better utilised!



An aluminium soft drink can when recyled uses one twelveth of resources compared to raw materials.

Source: Local Recycling Centre.


Cardboard & Delivery Packaging: This is taken to a central collection point on our office complex.

Paper: Sensitive items are appropriately shreded then taken to a recycle point by a company director. Non sensitive items are checked for suitability of further use, for example, in the fax machine or as note paper. When it's use is exhausted paper is taken to a recyle point. We have managed to reduce our 'new' paper needs by over 30% with further improvements being made as online systems replace paper & post.

Plastics: Blister packs, shrink wrap and other waste plastics have an office collection point and are taken to a recycling centre at a local supermarket.

Glass: We have changed the brand of coffee used in the office so that the jar can be refilled from Eco Packs, every little helps!

Print vs Online

We have reduced our outsourced printed material such as brochures by over 80% Our aim is to produce nominal mail outs with the bulk of marketing switching to online methods. If you are a Group Leader or Tour Organiser please click here to add your e-mail address to our data base so that you will receive our information e-shots. We guarantee we will not share your information with any other company and intend not to send more than three  e-shots per month.


We have now completed our I.T. solutions programme. This project includes scanners & software that has greatly reduced the need for hardcopy print. All laser printers and the bulky toner cartridges that come with them have been phased out, replaced with HP Officejet Pro inkjet models that print for 40% less (that's 40% less ink & cost!) Used cartridges are recycled through a specialised company that also makes a donation to the R.N.L.I. for each unit they recieve.

Our Suppliers.

Without a doubt our European suppliers are ahead of the game when it comes to recyling and environmental issues. In some countries the seperation and recyling of waste in commercial properties such as hotels is enforced by law. We have found our suppliers encouraged by our interest in their systems and procedures, awareness really does make a difference!


Coaches cause less pollution than other forms of transport. In fact a coach is twice as clean as a train, nearly four times more efficient than a car and six times cleaner than a plane. Coaches move people effectively; a vehicle carrying 40 or more people can do so in the same space as 3 cars!

Source: Coach Tourism Council.


As with the majority of tour operators we contract in most of our coaching requirements, but unlike others, we also operate our own vehicles which we believe gives us an edge when it comes to understanding transport. Our coach audits ensure we contract in high quality vehicles from suppliers that take in to account environmental issues relating to the maintenance and care of their coaches such as the disposal of batteries, oil and tyres. By having our own vehicles we can set standards and lead by example. We are proud to boast that several of our competitors use us to supply coaching for their tours - what more can we say!

As an experiment, on one of our coaches, we have fitted a chute from the passenger area to a bin in the hold dedicated to the collection of aluminium cans. This is proving popular with students -its fun and helps raise awareness. We aim to expand on this project.

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